Family Dentistry

Gordon Dentistry offers dental care for your entire household. Healthy smiles start with comprehensive preventative care. With today’s busy schedules, family dentistry appointments offer convenience and ease for your family. Making sure you are happy with your smile is always a priority for Dr. Gordon. Our team takes time to listen to your concerns and offer solutions. Whether you have a child who needs preventive care, proactive dental care for you and your spouse, or need restorative work for your parents, Gordon Dentistry can help your whole family achieve a healthy smile.

Oral Hygiene

Excellent oral hygiene habits are important to help maintain the health and function of your teeth. We discuss best practices during our regular dental cleaning and exam appointments. In addition to a minimum of two dental cleanings a year, it is important to brush and floss daily. Omitting any part of comprehensive oral care can significantly increase your risk of developing oral health complications.

Dental Teeth Cleanings

Dr. Gordon will help you determine the ideal frequency for maintaining excellent oral hygiene. Several factors are involved in the determination of how often you should have your teeth cleaned. Dr. Gordon will make recommendations based on the state of your oral hygiene, diet, and decay risk factors. Generally, continuing care times are three, four, or occasionally six-month intervals. Dr. Gordon will recommend what is best for you based on your needs, not the recommendations of your insurance company.

A Child’s First Visit

We work with patients of all ages at Gordon Dentistry. The American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommend children have their first dental exam after the eruption of the first tooth, and no later than their first birthday. This visit allows you and Dr. Gordon to discuss any concerns you may have regarding tooth development. Additionally, these early visits provide the opportunity for a positive experience with our dental team. It’s necessary to take care of the primary (baby) teeth as they serve an important function helping children speak, chew and hold the space in the jaws for the permanent teeth that are developing. Digital radiographs are used to help monitor tooth development and eruption as well as to find early signs of tooth decay.

Digital Radiography

At Gordon Dentistry we use state-of-the-art low digital radiation machines, which generate 80 percent less radiation than traditional film. The amount of radiation exposure your body receives on an airplane flight from Los Angeles to New York exceeds the amount of exposure you will receive from a modern dental x-ray. We believe the risk of not finding a decay or infection until it is too late is far too great to forgo regular diagnostic x-rays.

Dental x-rays are very important and used to see things that are not visual to the naked eye. Our x-rays allow Dr. Gordon to evaluate any abnormalities including cysts (sacks of fluid that form at the roots of the teeth), cancerous and non-cancerous tumors, decay that occurs between teeth as well as the location of teeth that haven’t grown all the way in. Digital radiography allows Dr. Gordon to identify signs of root resorption and periodontal disease such as generalized bone loss or isolated areas of vertical bone loss.

“Keeping and improving our dental health and our smiles is important to us. Thanks to Dr. Gordon and her staff we have the excellent care to achieve that goal.”

Christina & Ron T.
Christina & Ron T.

“Dr. Gordon has been taking care of our family for over 10 years! We have always been happy with her and don’t plan on going to anyone else.”

Caroline B.
Caroline B.

“Dr. Gordon’s always provides top-notch service and such excellent care, including such attentive and diligent staff. We are so thankful. Truly what have had to look no further.”

Sayeed Family
Sayeed Family

Dr. Gordon and the team at Gordon Dentistry are one of the most patient-focused Dental practices around. Professional, attentive, caring, and ready to work with you in a comfortable, safe, and relaxing atmosphere. We are glad to have found Dr. Gordon and encourage you to make an appointment today and see for yourself what quality Dentistry can be.”

Bob & Linda L.
Bob & Linda L.

“My daughter was always afraid of the dentist. We had even tried an all pediatric dentist with no improvement. However, when we went to Dr. Gordon things were different. She and her staff have made my daughter feel at home. It is still hard for me to believe, but my daughter now doesn’t mind going to the dentist at all. I am really fortunate to have found Dr. Gordon.”

John B.
John B.

“Our family has been going to Gordon Dentistry for over eight years and have always been very happy with the great service we receive. It is a clean, professional office where you are seen punctually and all the hygienists are gentle but thorough. Dr. Gordon always explains your options and if there is a procedure she cannot do, she will provide a good referral.”

M. Boyd Family

“Excellent felt comfortable”

Sebato E.

“Top quality dentistry.”

Christopher M.

“Great dental office.”

Danielle M.

I always appreciate how friendly the staff is and how they don’t always try to sell me on other services (whitening, electric brushes, etc) like other dentists have done.

Daniel L.